Last November I had a few ideas bubbling around my head. I often come up with ideas for websites or services that I’d love to try. Usually they’re fairly elaborate, so they require a fair degree of time. However, this one idea I had I figured I could build quickly, and easily, and then expand as I wanted.

Luis, the love of my life, being a very intelligent woman, loves haikus. And so I’ve spent a lot more time noticing them. I also noticed that people love writing haikus on Twitter.

So the idea of a simple webpage that shows the latest Haiku, and nothing more, bubbled up to the top of my brain.

However, this meant I needed a sweet domain name. I couldn’t have an über cool site without one. Surprisingly I found one really quickly: www.haikuiz.com.

So, several months later I found some time to have a play with the Twitter API, and build the first rev of the site (should I call it a beta?).

I’m pretty excited by it, for a few of reasons: it’s a little artistic (or at least I hope so), it’s fun to sit and watch because there are some beauiful haikus, it’s allowing me to get my hands dirty with a bit of coding, I’m learning a few things, and I think it’s a little altruistic (at least I’m not planning on making money out of it).

Over the coming months I’m hoping on doing a fair bit more to Haikuz. So keep an eye on it. In the mean time, please let me know what you think. I’d love to know thoughts, ideas, suggestions.