How Many People Listen To Podcasts

Just over a month ago I ran a quick analysis over Scouta’s data, and found that a small sample showed that possibly only 10% of downloaded podcasts are consumed to any degree, and only 50% of those are consumed over 50%: Are Only 10% of Podcast Downloads Consumed?

We mentioned then that we’d do another analysis after a few more weeks with some more data. Today was that day, and we did another quick analysis: the numbers look smaller over a larger data-set.

How Many People Listen To Podcasts

A sample of 17,821 podcasts and video podcasts, with 166 members subscribing with iTunes, showed that only 4.5% of the shows are consumed more than 50%, and only 7.5% are consumed more than 10%.

If you’re a podcaster, and would like to know more about how people consume your podcasts or video podcasts, then let us know. We can help you do an analysis based on your content.

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